Kamis, 10 April 2014

Choosing Your Perfect Shared Office Space

Whether you're a startup or an established company}, selecting a new office space or commercial property in Norwich can be a daunting task. Do you want to operate from your own building, or work in a shared office? Do you need an office at all?

Weigh up the pros and cons. Are you a big enough industry to justify your own office? An empty and underused building will look unprofessional when clients visit, and a shared office may be the solution.

The Shared Office

While there are many benefits to having your own building, a shared office can be an excellent option, especially for start-up companies. The reasons why may seem obvious - of course the costs will be lower, the building is designed with companies in mind, and you have the added security of a single reception desk. But there are nuances of each which you may not have considered. When it comes to choosing the perfect commercial property, Norwich has a lot to offer.

By working in a shared office you will have the ability to interact with the other industries operating in Norwich commercial property, and by doing so you are networking whilst you work. Productivity at its peak! The likelihood is that you will be the only company} in your niche working in the shared offices, so when another company} requires a service you provide they're likely to turn to you. After all, they're right on your doorstep so you can make sure the work is being done, and chase up regularly. It works both ways as well, because any payments owing are likely to be paid straight away so things don't get awkward.

Offer your services to businesses sharing your space because they will also be able to recommend you. Perhaps you will even be fortunate enough to work alongside a company which perfectly supports your concept, or which needs your skills.

Problems of the Shared Office

There are of course some negatives to working out of an office building. For example , parking may be problematic with a range of businesses in a high rise space. The shared office tends to be most suitable for small businesses as they begin to grow. It's important then, to think about whether there will continue to be enough parking available as your company} grows. Remember that other companies in the same commercial property in Norwich are likely to be doing the same, so the parking could quickly become saturated if there isn't a large amount of available space.

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