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Nonprofits Find NetSuite a Valuable Tool for Fundraising

Just like private business, nonprofit organizations have complex needs for their operational processes. Nonprofits may lack the resources or knowledge to make use of IT and software environments relative to their private counterparts. This is where NetSuite may be valuable.

NetSuite makes their service available at a deep discount to nonprofit organizations. At NetSuite. org, you can learn about the ways in which NetSuite looks for opportunities to promote social good, including product donations, grants, and charity events. NetSuite. org also has a unique special criteria for nonprofit classifications, which excludes political or religious organizations, but also includes some for-profit organizations that promote social entrepreneurship.

In recent years, nonprofits, like many private organizations, have been switching from premise based CRM & ERP to NetSuite. However , there are still many smaller vendors that offer software developed specifically for nonprofits. These smaller vendors have developed programs and services that serve nonprofits as they are aligned with the goals of the community. But larger nonprofits typically have more demanding requirements; this is where NetSuite can make a difference. Here is why:

1 . A Comprehensive System - NetSuite offers a combined CRM and ERP system for tracking a wide range of information. In the nonproft space, the CRM can help with marketing initiatives, such as email blasts, as well as tracking and communicating with existing and prospective donors. The ERP is able to handle all the accounting functions, including accepting donations and managing payroll. Because it is an eCommerce system, it can be setup for online donations through all the great ways that NetSuite takes payments (credit cards, ACH, terms, etc . ). Hence NetSuite is a very valuable tool for fundraising purposes - capable of also managing continuity donors, one time donors, while managing fundraising events. In essence, the comprehensive nature of NetSuite will save larger nonprofits time and energy throughout the entire process of an organization's development.

2 . A Platform Service - As a platform service, NetSuite allows for easy configuration and customization. Typically, as nonprofits are very budget conscious (as well as most for profit organizations), they will opt for a service or software that is offered by the smaller vendors. This may work initially but will become a bottleneck for nonprofits as they grow. Because those platforms are traditional, they can only be modified through enhancements offered by the vendor which may mean it could take months or years to get needed functionality. But for larger nonprofits who often need quick changes, the speed of NetSuite's configuration and customization capabilities can be fully utilized. For example , do you need to add a new field that tracks the size of the donors household? You can complete this in a few minutes with no software development knowledge!

NetSuite's unique capabilities make it a good fit for larger nonprofits for many of the reasons it is good for growing profitable organizations. You get a full system that allows you to manage the entire transaction cycle while you are given a platform that allows you to adapt it to rapidly fit your organization's requirements.

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